At the center of my hearts stand love, play, devotion, non-violence, constant conscious awareness and playing with the cosmic principles.

To love means to actively love. Actively open the heart in devotion, without fear and free from conditionings and limits, and to love all living things. Love is a door to bliss that can expand infinitively.

Through love and living in the present moment, we integrate with the divine.
Through self-knowledge and respectful care to mother-nature we celebrate life, loving every moment.

I named the school AHIMSA Yoga AshramAhimsa means non-violence (in thought, speech and actions – to yourself and others), living peaceful, sweet, nourishing, sharing, loving lives, in harmony with ourselves, others and mother nature, our interactions based on love.

A calling for constantly being present and balanced, and securely telling our Minds from our Intuitions, puts us into a space where we are open and receiving.

Through playing with the spontaneity of life and understanding how the cosmic interconnections work, we open our eyes to the fact that there is something bigger than what we see.
When we tap into it, our lives shift into new dimensions; our experience becomes effortlessly abundant, fulfilled and rich.
A new kind of contentment takes over a superficial happiness.

By holistically looking after our bodies, we prevent illness, and create a strong and balanced vehicle for living.
Understanding deep down what nourishes us and what doesn’t, and using our internal strength and creative power to change our life accordingly, allows us to surround ourselves with love, life and laughter.


Click here to watch a short intro to Ashram life and our philosophy.

(filmed in our old Ashram location 2014-2016)