We are an intentional community who lives a peaceful, sweet and nourishing life, where people can learn, practice, read in hammocks, share skills and knowledge, make music, arts and crafts, inspire each other and help each other with whatever is needed.

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Arrival and minimum stays

  • Partaking in the full three week immersion is recommended, but shorter stays and other dates can sometimes be arranged on request.
  • Arrival is on the first of every month. Please ensure that you leave yourself enough time to get here. Remember buses and borders can take more time than you think. Arrival time is between 1:30pm and 3:30pm. Please do not come any later as we will not have time to welcome you appropriately. Leaving time is on the 21st, around 10:30am.

Set-up and Intention

The Ashram is not a fancy 5 star retreat center with fancy facilities, but a natural, wonderful jungle home with access to incredible learning. You come here to learn and to immerse yourself in a simple yogic life style without distraction, to experience a yogic life style and to live yogic philosophy and ideas every day. You come here for a life changing experience of learning and opening. This is not always easy, but rewarding and full of unsuspected wonderful surprises!

The Ahimsa Ashram is a quiet retreat away from the noise of towns and cars. We have 12 acres of stunning waterfall (the largest in the area with 3 levels) and river land. We have a budding vegetable garden and fruit forest, a beautiful log fire circle, many secluded, private shady areas with trees, meditation and relaxation areas by the river. The river Yoga platform is surrounded by lush greenery and exotic animals.

Drinking water comes from a fresh water spring straight out of the rocks on the land. There are wonderful walks in the surrounding area.

Please note: The Ashram is not a hostel, but a transient communal family. Longer stays are encouraged, rather than one-nighters (although shorter visits can be arranged).


The Ashram’s land is lovely in dry and rainy seasons. Dry season (November till May – sometimes it lasts way longer) is hotter but we always a wonderful slight breeze at the Ashram. The land has a wonderful cool micro-climate due to the river and waterfall area, where the jungle stays green and lush all year round. We are blessed with only very few mosqitos all year round!

Please do not be afraid of rainy season (May – October), rainy season brings the occasional rain, but it also means that you get to see Nicaragua at it’s absolute best and beautiful. Where everything is lush and shiny. It rarely rains all day, often just during the night. And if you have never seen a monsoon rain, it is one of the most amazing things to watch. The climate is also a little cooler.


You will be staying in your own jungle cabin, placed in the gorgeous natural setting of the ashram. The cabins are a comfortable size, with a beautiful locally crafted bed, a comfortable mattress, sheets, towles, soft blankets, and stunning river views. Comfort, yet close to nature. This organic, yet comfortable setup will enable you to learn and to immerse yourself in a yogic lifestyle close to nature and without distractions.


  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be delicious, yet simple vegan meals that are lovingly prepared for you. We bake our own bread, make yummy salads and use whatever we can from our lovely garden. We all eat together.
  • We do not eat meat, dairy, drink coffee or black/green tea, onions or garlic (they are rajasic, which means they make the mind go fast). We eat very little sugar. We would like to ask you to live with us this way during your stay. It might be difficult for you at the beginning, but it might be an adventure worth playing with.
  • In the afternoons we will provide cold tea or other little yummy surprises and snacks
  • We cannot currently support special dietary requirements. We do not offer a gluten free diet, all meals include a starch.
  • If you enjoy cooking, on some nights students have the option to partake in preparing our meals. Cooking together is fun and helps relax the mind after much learning. It is also very exciting to taste all the different flavors people from different countries bring to the table, as well as to put some of what we learn in our Ayurveda classes into practice.
  • If you have any special desires for food or other items, you can satisfy them during visits to the nearby towns on the weekly day off. You can also opt to add some items to Ashram’s shopping list if you pay for them. Wewill head out for shopping twice a week.

If there are any spices or foods you love or you would like to share,

please feel free to bring them.


Please be aware that we are in a semi jungle setting. There are geckos, lizards, spiders, monkeys, scorpions, snakes, mosquitos (none in dry season, only few in wet season), crazy looking bugs and other creepy crawlies. As part of our Ahimsa life-style, we do NOT kill any of these animals – even the mosquitos. When you come to our home we would like to ask you to respect all life. We will be happy to let you know how to avoid, or maybe even come to understand and love these creatures. Please bring natural insect repellent only.


Please note that we have to either burn or carry all trash of the mountain. Therefore please do NOT bring trash, and minimize it as much as possible during your stay. Be conscious of packaging and plastic bags when you go shopping. We can only burn paper and cardboard, and of course we use the compost. This is a no-trace environment. We aim to leave the kitchen and all other spaces clean and beautiful.



As part of our lifestyle we don´t drink, smoke (all smoking) or take drugs.


We initially did not want to provide internet as part of a principle of wanting to encourage communication and communal life. We strongly encourage our students to UNPLUG from ALL electronic devices. But we do understand that in today’s age internet has become very important. If using the internet for a little while is vital to you, it will be available for a strictly limited 1/2 hour twice a week.

What to bring

  • Flashlight (!) is important
  • Refillable Water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito spray (natural sprays only please). We make our own lemon oil which you are welcome to try
  • Natural body and hair wash. We provide our own baking soda wash if you would like to try it
  • Notepad and pen
  • Washing powder/detergent (natural if possible)
  • Any food extras/treats you desire or would like to share
  • Instruments
  • Bring smiles, love and joy

If you can bring anything from your country for us, please let us know.

More Info for students or  Volunteers

For more info, Students please click here.

For more info, Volunteers, please click here.



Please note that we have just moved from San Juan del Sur to SAN RAFAEL DEL SUR!

We are about 5km outside of San Rafael Del Sur, 15km from Masachapa and Pochomil beach, Western Central Nicaragua (see the red dot on the map below).

The nearest town is San Pablo (3.5km on a beautiful nature packed dirt road, ca 30min walk). It’s a tiny local town with super basic necessities.

The next bigger town town, San Rafael Del Sur, is another 2-3km (5-10 minutes ,10 cordobas, by Rickshaw taxi) from San Pablo. San Rafael Del Sur is a charming local town with an abundant market, all facilities and a PALI supermarket.

Great beaches (Masachapa and Pochomil) are also accessible by bus or taxi from San Rafael Del Sur. You’ll be able to visit those on your day off.


San Rafael del Sur Location Map


My baby boy was born in March 2015 :o) He is a beautiful and fun little creature. Please be aware that babies might bring a few moments of chaos and that to come here, you have to like babies. He will sometimes be around during the day,  although of course not during classes.

I am a single mum and I invite baby loving students and Karma Yogis who proactively love hanging out with the little one as much as the big ones.

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