Non-Yoga Residencies

 Non-Yoga Residencies

Available from November 1st 2017 on wards, during retreat times.

Residencies are designed for people who would like a quiet peaceful place to live for a minimum of three weeks, to work on their own projects. We invite artists, musicians, circus people, readers, students of knowledge, and anybody else who wishes to join a wonderful community vibe and peacefully enjoy a stunning nature environment.

Residents can partake in all communal afternoon activities. All meals, accommodation and bathing in the waterfalls :0) are included.

Please note:

Due to the discounted nature of the residency, Yoga classes are not available to residents, as they are part of the Yoga Retreat held at the Ashram. The point is for residents to have lots of time for their own projects or to enjoy the grounds. Please make sure that you are happy with not joining the yoga. If you change your mind, you will be charged at retreat/short term stay rates.

As we are creating a very special group container during each retreat, we ask the shorter term visitors for a wish to join us as such.

Please contact us for further information and pricing.