Our next available dates for our volunteers to join us are the Retreat dates of 1-21st December 2018, and 3-23 January, February, March and April 2019.

Additionally, during our fabulous “Transform to Roar Yoga Teacher Training”, 20 June – 31 August 2019, we are only offering very limited and specially selected (full two and a half month commitment) volunteering positions , (you will be able to partake in the classes).

  • Arrival is the day before the first of every month (we are very strict with this). Like this you will have your introduction beforehand and you can help us set up. We have a three week minimum stay. Your stay is payable in full in advance on arrival. Please only contact us if you can commit 100%. If you applied, we will rely on you coming.
  • Karma Yogis1 help three hours a day with our projects, plus cooking, washing up and 30min a day helping with the baby boy in the afternoon, depending on how its needed. Please note that you will have very little free time.
  • In turn, Karma Yogis have free access to all Yoga classes, workshops and activities.
    We are looking for people who are excited about our teachings, the babies, working with the land and being enthusiastic right hands for us.
  • Accommodation is a shared Jungle dorm.
  • We share 3 communal meals.
  • Excellent Vegan cooking skills are a must.
  • We charge a daily donation for your stay here (please contact us for more details).
  • Please bring strong soled shoes or boots and long pants.


We are looking for people who love physical work, getting sweaty and the satisfaction of wonderful creative work!

We are looking for people with ideas and the vision to put them into practice and even lead a project.

If you find something you’d love to do, you probably can. Tell us what you want to create!

GARDENERS, TROPICAL perma-culture people are warmly welcome, anybody with knowledge or green fingers that loves plants, vegetables, flowers, fruit trees etc.

BUILDING, for various small projects

ARTISTS: Artists with vision, who bring their own ideas, skills and motivation of their own to make this space the most amazing vibrating space. Making outdoors decorations, painting signs, making wind chimes, dream catchers etc.
We are inviting lots of ideas and creativity! We want to create a temple space, meditation spaces .

YOGA TEACHERS: For optional afternoon classes.

All volunteers pro-actively (!) help out with the baby. If you’ve never held a baby before, now’s your chance… you might just fall in love…

COMPUTER skilled person for marketing assistance.

FUNDRAISERS to help support this project.

LONG TERM CO-CREATOR I’m looking for people who want to actively, longterm co-create with us.

And of course sharing what you love doing, Spirituality, yoga, art, music, fermenting… and ANY other skills and interests. You don’t have to be a professional, anything you enjoy you can share! Bhakti Yogis welcome! Hare Krishna friendly. If you can sing the Hanuman Chalesa, you’ll be my best friend!!

Do you have interest in any special areas? Is there something that you always wanted to do? Please talk to us, we are always open to incorporate new ideas and you could even have your own project.

– Please bring strong soled shoes or boots, long pants, natural bug repellent (Deet actually attracts black flies), flashlight and a water bottle.

*Some days there are projects that have to be completed, on other days, according to preference and skill, volunteers have a choice as to which tasks to take part in.

On some projects you will learn from us, for others learn with us,

some you might teach us.

If you have special skills, please let us know, you might be able to start your own project…

Ready? Click here to contact us.


1Karma yoga is the yoga of action or work; specifically, karma yoga is the path of dedicated work: renouncing the results of our actions as a spiritual offering rather than hoarding the results for ourselves.