Weekend Yoga Workshops

Weekend Yoga Workshops


“Powerful Beginners Introduction to Yoga”


“Transform your existing practice”

Every weekend in September and October 2018

(Two days, two nights, all inclusive – amazing offer)

Also bookable for private groups at no extra charge. Minimum 3 students.

A retreat for students that REALLY want to learn what yoga was always meant to be.

We are a Yoga Alliance YACEP (Continued Education Provider) and our courses can count toward Continued Education requirements


Do you need to get away from everything? Have you forgotten how to be in nature? Do you need to change your diet? Do you have pain due to bad posture sitting or standing? Would you like to get away from your phone for a weekend? Have you always wondered about yoga and meditation? Would you like to learn yoga with personalized attention, regardless of your level, weight, flexibility or age? Without discomfort or pain?

Then come and join us at the Ahimsa yoga ashram for a wonderful weekend of learning how to change your habits.

Come and dive into the wonderful world of Yoga

and learn how to take it home with you

This weekend retreat is one of our little gems. It’s our offer to take you away and transform your mind, body, life and way of being – through Yoga, Diet, Peace, understanding of wonderfully practical Yoga Philosophy, connection to nature and time away from the internet and phones. What we offer is very different, so please read on!



Here at the Ashram we actually TEACH Yoga. We want you to understand WHAT you are doing, HOW, and WHY. We teach you how to GET TO KNOW and then LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.

We will teach you an amazing approach to Yoga, completely tailored for your own individual  body. You will receive variations, adjustments and explanations for every posture. We sometimes change the postures just in the slightest way, leaving you feel open and amazing, and giving you a completely new experience of what you thought Yoga could be,.

In this retreat we go workshop style through the various principles of Yoga. Forward Bends, Sidebends, Turns and Chest Openers. How to get the most out of each posture, exactly where to feel the stretch, how you can fine-tune each posture until it feels perfect for you, and how to feel wonderfully open and comfortable in each posture, without pain or discomfort (yes, even in backbends).

You will leave here with a yoga sequence specifically designed for your body, which you can take home and practice by yourself (maybe even with your friends).



At the Ashram we provide a delicious VEGAN diet. For our Nicaraguan friends there will always be an additional side of rice, beans and platanos. We eat a lot of salad, fruit, wonderfully prepared vegetables and grains, as well as home made breads. If you have never eaten a lovingly and well prepared vegan meal, now is your chance.

On Sunday, we have a lecture on Ayurveda, which is the ancient yogic system of health by understanding food and your body type, as we are all different and have different needs. You will learn your body type and leave here with an understanding of the kinds of foods which are beneficial for you and which not. This is not just about more salads, but which vegetables specifically, or which oils, nuts, grains etc for your specific body).



Our Philosophy workshop will teach you the wonderfully practical ways of the ancient Yogis to happiness and a more peaceful life. This knowledge is still very much valid for our every day lives today.



Our set up is comfortable, yet close to nature. All our activities take place in areas outside, with incredible jungle and river views. (of course there is a roof for sun and rain). You will be staying in your own private jungle bungalow, going to sleep to crickets and the sounds of the river. Remembering your roots, walking barefoot in the river, playing in the waterfall. No sounds of cars or the city life. PEACE.



Internet is available for real emergencies only. Remember the beauty of human interaction without phones? The peace when it doesn’t ring? Time away from the screen and looking at a beautiful waterfall instead?


In this weekend retreat your practice will be transformed forever, no matter what your current style or level!

As a beginner you will learn the basics deeply and profoundly, giving you an excellent foundation for your future yoga practice.

As a more experienced student you will learn how to take your practice to the next level.



  • Two complete days of incredible tuition
  • Two nights in your private jungle accommodation (you can choose Friday and Saturday night or Saturday and Sunday night
  • All meals (vegan)
  • Snacks



ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE (Depending on your choice of nights):

  • Arrival: Friday afternoon 3-6, or Saturday early morning 6am (Please ensure you leave enough time for your travels to arrive in time)
  • Departure: Sunday 5pm or Monday morning 9am after breakfast (8am)



Return students get 30% discount. Discounts for Nicaraguans. Extra discount for single mothers and students.

A charge is applied to any additional nights.



Friday afternoon

3-6 Arrival for the students that have selected this first night

Saturday Day 1:

6 Arrival
7-9 Yoga Workshop
9 Breakfast
1030-1230 Yoga Workshop
1 Lunch
2-330 Philosophy Workshop, Practical and life changing
330-430 Yoga Workshop
430-515 Bhakti Yoga / Kirtan
630 Dinner

Sunday Day 2:

7-9 Yoga Workshop
9 Breakfast
1030-1230 Yoga Workshop
1 Lunch
2-330 Ayurveda Lecture/Workshop (Ancient system of health by understanding food and your body type, we are all different and have different needs)
330-5 Yoga Class
Departure for those not staying
630 Dinner

Monday (for those who chose Sunday night)

8  Breakfast
9-30  Departure



Your teacher is Xian. She has over 20 years experience practicing and teaching Yoga all over the world. She has taught in Nicaragua for 5 years, focusing on really explaining yoga, variations for individual needs, adjustments, beginners yoga and taking experienced yogis practice to the next level. Her style of yoga is slow but thorough.

To read more about Xian, please click here.


If you would like to read more about our way of teaching, please click here.

In the weekend retreat we will focus on Yoga and alignment (a condensed version of step 1) of this description.