Join us for the Yoga Retreat where your practice and life transform forever!

Winter Season 2018: 1st-21st of the months of October, November and December

Spring Season 2019: 3-23st of January and 1-21st of February, March, April and May

We are a Yoga Alliance YACEP (Continued Education Provider) and our courses can count toward Continued Education requirements




An unexpected, brilliant new approach to postures, that will transform your practice forever! During your stay here, I aim not to teach you just a Yoga class everyday, but I aim to teach you YOGA.

My extensive studies of Yoga, Martial Arts, Tai Chi, Circus Arts, Acrobatics, Trapeze, Belly Dancing, AcroYoga, Stretching and many other disciplines have led me to question the way Yoga is being taught nowadays. My frustration with finding a Yoga class where I actually learned something, made me research, experiment and practice for many years.

From this experience, I developed a simple, logical, yet revolutionary new approach that tweaks traditional postures in sometimes just the slightest way, transforming the way you will ever think about Yoga! Often when we do a pose, we open one side, but to do so, we close another. For example, a forward bend. You open your back, but crunch your front. In Triconasana (Triangle) towards the right, you stretch and open your left, but close the right.

This means that half your body is always suffering, and that half of your energy lines are not fully open. Restricted like that, postures do NOT feel absolutely fabulous, but instead they often inhibit the breath, create pain or discomfort. If addressed, it’s usually taught that its normal that if we stretch/open one side, that we close the other one at the same time, as we then do a counter-balance. To me this means one crunches and energetically closes one side, but that’s ok because we stretch it afterwards (to the expense of the other side this time).

With XianYoga you will learn to to keep your ENTIRE BODY OPEN in EVERY single posture, where you NEVER CLOSE a side. No crunching or closing whatsoever, NO pain! Only fullness, opening and unrestricted breaths.

This is achieved by tweaking the alignment of traditional postures, through elongation, spiraling and many other little tricks. You will learn how to go into a posture and come out of it while maintaining the energy flow and body open on both sides. Going into and coming out of a posture is a conscious, connected journey of energetic alignment. When you understand that, you will learn to revolutionize your practice, no matter what style of yoga you usually practice.

With XianYoga settle for nothing less than absolutely fabulous! Once you have felt the OPENNESS you can achieve through XianYoga, you’ll never go back.
This is not a new Style of Yoga, but relearning and experiencing what Yoga was always meant to be! Beginners, advanced and established teachers welcome. On Xian’s mat everyone flows to the next level!

Come, learn, and submerge yourself in a world of Yoga you always hoped to be real, but never dreamed to find.

Yoga Immersion and Retreat

Please know that this is a very carefully designed comprehensive program of learning and experiencing, which has been tried and tested over many years. It is designed to open your Body, Mind, Spirit and energy channels, as well as to release mental, emotional and physical conditionings. Our gardens, our vegan way of thinking, our communal close to nature life style, strictly limited use of electronic devices, and our incredible nature setting, make this a truly unforgettable experience.

Please ensure that you read the ABOUT US section of this website, to learn why we are different to a commercial Yoga Retreat.

Please note, Xian will NOT teach you an exercise class, workout regime or studio yoga class every day. But she will systematically teach you yoga and help you transform your practice beyond what you ever thought possible, no matter if you are a beginner, advanced student or even yoga teacher. From Mondays to Saturdays, your morning classes will last 2 hours. Besides asana, your classes will also include meditation, bandas, mudras, mantras and lectures and stories on interesting topics from Xian’s vast store of yogic knowledge.


Please note that for the first 10 days you will not receive a traditional yoga class, but we will go step by step through individual postures and categories of alignment, one at a time, workshop style. Xian will explain and demonstrate and then you will experience how you were taught to do a posture or how you were used to do it, in comparison with the new way of XianYoga.

The various categories of alignment which you will focus on, include how to stand, how to sit comfortably cross legged, forward bends, side bends, turns, back bends and combinations. Within these categories we will cover standing, sitting, kneeling as well as lying (front and back).

You will learn the fundamental principles of XianYoga and how to feel fabulous and open in every single posture, as well as being able to take full unrestricted breaths of air, by focusing on alignment, elongation, and much more. You will understand many little magic tricks that are never taught in yoga classes which will transform your yoga practice forever.

Sometimes just unlocking the knees of hyper extended legs can banish a life time of lower back pain. Sometimes just ever so slightly rotating the hips just right, can realign your entire body for effortless sitting practice. Sometimes just pushing an arm or leg can transform the entire experience of a posture. Learn back bending without pain, and learn how to make your favorite postures even better!

Students have often never learned what to do, but are often simply trying to copy what the teacher or a yogi in a photo or video looks like. Many students are unsure of how to do an asana (pose), where to feel the stretch or which alignment principles behind the movements are, how to never feel uncomfortable, crunched or in pain. At the Ashram, you will be taught everything you always wanted to know about Yoga, your teachers will explain everything you never understood, and you will learn what you never thought possible.


With the basics covered, you will then continue with a full daily practice, as well as focusing on many areas by request such as hip-openers, shoulders, inversions, balancing postures, hand balance postures, headstands, handstands, and much more. You will learn how important tiny changes in posture are in terms of your arms, hands, head, rotations, and eyes. You will also learn different pranayama and mudras – how to do them, why and when do to different kinds, why they are so fabulous, and many other exciting practices.

There will also be lectures and talks on Yoga Philosophy and History and how to incorporate Yoga into your every day life. I aim to have you experience Yoga all day long, not just the 1.5hrs on the mat.

Xian’s teachings will forever transform your current yoga practice.

If you are a beginner, advanced student or experienced Yoga teacher.

No matter your experience, Yoga tradition or style, everybody leaves the Ashram with lots of knowledge, practice, experience and lots of great unexpected insights.

All of this is on top of the fabulous afternoon program we offer every day!

Every day we offer:

  • A morning yoga class by Xian (Mo-Sat, 2 hours, besides Asana this can include meditation, bandas, kriyas, mantras, lectures…)
  • For students a 1.5 hours morning peer study/review group to further your own personal practice
  • 1/2 hour guided library time
  • 1/2 hour each morning and afternoon self-practice
  • Afternoons: one class/workshop/community activity, either led by Xian or a volunteer or student (Yes, you! we all share our skills). These can vary in length from one to several hours (below is a list of the variety of teachings we offer)

* Depending on the interest of students, as well as the yearly seasons, our educational program, projects and private session offers might vary.

To make the Ashram more colorful and variable, the afternoon activities can be led by Xian or by a volunteer/student/visitor and can therefore range from Yoga to any other imaginable thing! It does not have to be Yoga related! Pole dancing? Martial Arts? Music? Spanish? Macrame? Be free to share yourself  :o) See below for some sample workshops by Xian that students can choose from.

New yoga teachers are also invited to teach, as part of the afternoon program, to receive class feedback and personal inspiration.

To find out more about our teaching philosophy, and what we like to focus on during classes, we invite you to look at what makes our program so exciting.

Let’s make this space together and share the magic.

We have an endless pool of wonderful things to share…

An idea of a day at the Ahimsa Yoga Ashram

6:00 am



Wake up bell



get ready for class


following Ashram suggested themes, routines and focus elements

7:00 Yoga  With Xian
9:00 Communal breakfast (see Food’ in Community and Guidelines for coming for more info)


12:00 – 12:30


Students joint study group, discussing, reviewing and working with the Ashram learning syllabus. Q&A with Xian every other day.


Open library time, or researching given subjects


Free time, option to help with or observe volunteer projects

 1:00 pm




Free time for all


(see ‘Food’ in Community and Guidelines for coming more info)



3:00 –


Afternoon activity

Times of the afternoon program will vary, depending on the length of the activity.

Afternoon workshop or lecture by Xian (2-3 a week), or group skill/knowledge sharing/workshop. Some afternoons guest Yoga teachers.

4:45 Cooking of dinner meal (see ‘Food’ in Community and Guidelines for coming more info)
6:30 Dinner

* Yoga and afternoon activities are NOT optional. We invite everybody to partake!

* Saturday is our day off. We will rest and will not be teaching. Residents can organize sharing events if they wish.

*All students and volunteers are asked to stay on the the ashram premises and surrounding areas throughout the retreat. Saturday is our school day off, and is the only day available to explore the beaches or near by towns.


Workshops by Xian

Students can choose which workshops they would like to have during their stay.

  • Playing with Intuition, manifestation & coincidences (as per www.whyyoudontneedshoes.com)
  • Fear Workshop – what is fear, where does it come from, how does it influence us, how can we let go of it?
  • Yoga Principles, the way to a happier life, different Yoga systems/styles, 13 ways to enlightenment and much more
  • Feeling energies (everybody can feel energies)
  • Massage
  • Language/Art of Touch
  • Mayan calendar
  • Making dreamcatchers
  • Carving wooden spoons
  • Kirtan/Bhakti Yoga/Singing
  • Guitar Playing
  • Letting Go of intensive Emotions playfully
  • Acroyoga (Xian is a certified teacher)
  • Energetic protection (and why you don’t need it)
  • Open discussion, death and reincarnation
  • Open discussion energies, entities, ghosts, visions
  • Art of Communication
  • Ayurveda (ancient science of health through food)
  • Chakras
  • Healing and Reiki
  • Laughter Yoga
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Contact Dance
  • Chocolate making
  • Relish, jam, chutney making
  • Bread baking
  • Circus skills, juggling

and much much more…..


Private Sessions

The following payable Treatments, Private Sessions and Workshops available by us (other practitioners are also invited to make their skills and passions available for free, to trade or for a fee).

  • Private, personalized versions of most regular workshops/classes and rituals we teach as part of our Educational program
  • Body piercing (professionally trained by the internationally renowned Fakir School of Body Piercing In San Francisco, USA)
  • Massage

Ps, you can find lots of photos of past workshops at the Ashram on Facebook.

Please see what makes our program so exciting/why join us for more informationon why the Ahimsa Yoga Ashram is so  different to an ordinary Yoga school.

Or click here to read more about our Sacred Life-Principles.

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