Study yoga in Nicaragua

The Ashram is based 5 km outside of San Rafael Del Sur, central/west Nicaragua.

When you write to us please make sure to tell us a little about yourself, what you feel you can share or teach, what you love doing and how you like babies.
Also please let us know when you would like to come (as exact dates as possible) and for long you would like to stay.

  • If you come from another country, let us know, we always love foreign goodies, food, spices and seeds, good Himalayan salt….
  • You are welcome to share our website on Facebook, other social media, with your friends and fellow travellers. If you can recommend any good places or websites for us to advertise on, please let us know.

The Ahimsa Yoga Ashram is a family ashram full of love, devotion, sparkle and bounce.

Come, share, learn and play :0)

For Directions, more info or to book a space to join our little family, please fill in the following form: