Bhakti and Tantra

We are not an ordinary Yoga school. We are much more than that.

We have a lifestyle to share.

Our lifestyle and love for what we do has allowed us to ever discover more magic, presence and beauty. We feel that this magic is the best from us that we can share with you.
We love laughing, making music, dancing, creating sacred spaces, free hugs, eating great food, and of course playing.
A big part of the Ashram is sharing, sharing of knowledge, skills, ideas and talents. Us sharing with you, you with us, and we all with each other.

The Ashram is not just about classes,

but for us to take you with us on this exciting journey.

Our teachings are deeply rooted in the way we live. They are not just theories and ideas we read about somewhere or themes we have been studying; they are not just drawn from one particular system, but our path comes from many years of deep practice, observation, studying and sharing our knowledge. They are our life. They are the foundation for our actions, thinking and creations.

By immersing ourselves in Yoga and other Ancient Traditions, as well as combining powerful Healing Techniques with our wealth of experience in working with Energies, the Body, the Mind, Intuitions, Emotions and the Universe as a whole, and of course by always staying open to the new and inviting others to share, we designed the Ashram’s program for healing, celebration of life, and sharing all the wonderful things we’ve learned.

Our teachings are not only about fitness or copying and pasting information, but about experiencing a holistic way of integrating this ancient knowledge into our and hopefully your everyday lives.

The Yoga practice covers many aspects which are often absent from the regular class, i.e. a strong understanding of anatomy, principles of correct postures (alignment) and energetic flow, but additionally we share much more than just an accurate physical side. We believe bandhas, mudras, mantras, kriyas, bhakti, pranayama, and partner assistance etc., are fundamental to understand the yogic system not just through theory, but through practice. Understanding these principles can be directly applied to our every day lives, even our very spiritual evolution.

We teach History and Philosophy of Yoga, and most of all, the huge system of ancient knowledge which holds keys to contentment, happiness and balance for our lives. Knowledge that has allowed generations of Masters to develop wonderful blueprints for conscious living, which today are as profound and useful as they were then.

Other workshops, classes, rituals and other activities, raging from Bhakti singing, Ecstatic Dance, AcroYoga and Goddess Ceremonies, to Ayurvedic cooking and making dream-catchers, all encourage community and opening yourself to interesting and joyful new practices, adventures and experiences – inside and out.


Xian is an experienced multi-level teachers, working with beginners and advanced students alike. She is professionally certified in many subjects she teaches; for others, life has been her teacher.

All we do and wish for this Ashram, is integrally intertwined with the sacred life-principles according to which we live our lives.

Sometimes we are 5 people at the Ashram, sometimes we are 13, each small transient community will change your life and open your mind and heart…

It’s about living the life, every minute,

not just 1 hour a day or on the mat!

Come and play with us!