Short visits

Short visits

For our Short term visits (minimum one night) we offer two wonderful option:

1)    Join us during retreat times.

Come and get a glimpse of the life at our wonderful Ashram Community and get a sneak view of our fantastic Retreat. Come and experience a different kind of life among like minded people, waterfalls, rivers and lots and lots of magic.

Spaces are allocated on a first come first served basis. You can inquire about a month ahead of time is space is available.

Short term stays are charged at the daily equivalent of joining the retreat, and if you like to take part, include all Yoga classes, lectures, afternoon activities and sharing events, meals, accommodation and playing in the waterfalls :0) 

PLEASE NOTE: As we are creating a very special group container during each retreat, a container of learning, self-awareness and open communication, we ask short term visitors who join us to keep this in Mind.


2)    Come and stay with us at any time.

When we do not run retreats, the Ashram is an amazing space to just peacefully BE in nature. Sometimes we have several students stay, sometimes you might be the only one. You will be able to partake in one morning Yoga Class, the rest will be your own free time to enjoy the lovely Ashram grounds.


For both options you will get some time with Xian to ask questions about your personal Yoga practice or spiritual matters.


                       Pre-booking is neccessary for both options.

Please be sure you read about who we are and our guidelines for staying here to make sure you choose us well.


For a summary of our retreat days, please click here and scroll down to upcoming events on our home page. On the retreat pages, you will find the teaching schedules/content to time your arrival and departure.



Please contact us for further information and pricing.