Our next available three week XianYoga Retreat dates are 2018: 1st-21st of May, October, November and December.


Arrival day is on the 1st of each of these months, with leaving day on the 21st around 10:30am.


You can part take in the full three week course or arrange other dates with us, as long as your entire stay falls within the retreat dates of each month. It is highly recommended to begin on the 1st, as each day of our course builds up on the previous one and you will get the most out of it if you can attend from the beginning. If you cannot, you will still learn a surprising amount, even if you come a little later.


You will be staying in your own PRIVATE JUNGLE CABIN, placed in the gorgeous natural setting of the ashram. The cabins are a comfortable size, with a beautiful LOCALLY CRAFTED BED, a comfortable mattress, and STUNNING RIVER VIEWS. Comfort, yet close to nature. Our beautiful and naturally organic setup will allow you to experience a life close to the peace and love of nature and mama earth.


The Ashram is a quiet retreat away from noise of towns and cars. We have 12 acres of stunning waterfall (the largest in the area with 3 levels) and river land, their own budding vegetable garden and fruit forest, a beautiful log fire circle, many secluded, private shady areas with trees, and meditation and relaxation areas by the river. Drinking water comes from a fresh water spring straight out of the rocks on the land. The yoga platform is surrounded by lush greenery and exotic animals. There are gorgeous walks in the surrounding areas.


Please do not be afraid of rainy season (May – October), rainy season brings the occasional rain, but it also means that you get to see Nicaragua at it’s absolute best and beautiful. Where everything is lush and shiny. It rarely rains all day, often just during the night. And if you have never seen a monsoon rain, it is one of the most amazing things to watch. The climate is also a little cooler.


StudentsĀ are welcome to observe or participate in any volunteer activities if they are interested.


Your retreat is payable in advance via MoneyGram, Western Union, BAC or US Citibank Bank (contact us for more details).


To read more about guidelines, food and other important things to know about the Ashram,

please click here Community Guidelines and Info


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